Lux, A Multimedia Journal

Lux: A literary journal that marries two worlds: the door-opening world of online literature and the physically bound paper journals that we all still strive to remain loyal to.

How did we do this? Each literary piece has two components, one of which (photo or text) is published in the book, while the other is accessed by scanning the book page with your smart device.

We call this short literary journal Lux, the singular form for Lumina.

From the beginning, we solicited and sifted through a host of submissions that covered a wide range of what we would call “multimedia”. Videos, sound, augmented reality, interactive poems, they were all there and each was so unique and good, my only wish is that we had had more space!

That said, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve ended up putting together: a radio drama from Rick Moody, an “autocomposition” from Ken Cormier (no spelling error there!), a piece of Gregory Robinson’s project, All Movies Love the Moon (what could be more perfect than prose poems on silent film?), and much more.

The whole project is 28 pages of interactive goodness that’s difficult to explain. If you’re interested in taking a closer look, visit the LUMINA webpage.


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