Sunshine Award and a Freelance First

sunshine awardThis is a thank you post! My fellow blogger and writer, Jackie Peterson, has nominated me for a sunshine award. I am honored that she would enjoy my blog enough to give me such recognition, and the timing is actually perfect since I have something else to thank Jackie for as well! I recently got my first paid freelance job thanks to a site recommendation that she gave me.

So, here is my Jackie is awesome speech: Seriously though, she is. Hers is one of those blogs that I follow regularly, and I love to read every update documenting her journey as a writer. You can read her blog here!

More about my job you ask? Well it pays just a bit more than beans, and it’s more research than writing so I’m not really getting credit, but it still feels awesome. Okay, enough of that, and back to the award.


  1. Thank the person who gave you the award. -check-
  2. Write a post about it. -check-
  3. Answer the questions that come with it. -below-
  4. Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award. -below-


Favorite Color:  Orange.. for the moment.

Favorite Animal:  Well, as far as pets go I’m pretty fond of my rats!

Favorite Number:  525 (on a digital clock, there’s trees in the negative space.)

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:  Lemonade

Facebook or Twitter:  Definitely Twitter

My Passion:  Ah, you’ve hit my weak spot. This is a question I struggle with often. Actually, I don’t even feel I can answer this properly at the moment. Next one…

Getting or Giving Presents:  Both? (easy way out. ha)

Favorite Pattern:  Paisley

Favorite Day of the Week:  I’m going to go ahead and be cliche here. Saturday.

Favorite Flower:  Ah, what’s with all the favorite’s questions! I’m too indecisive for this quiz… pretty ones. I guess ugly ones too.. if there are any.

Okay phew! Glad that’s over. And now to nominate. Well, I can tell you right now that I’m not going to be a bit under ten, but the following people are the blogs that I return to constantly for one reason or another.

1. Amy at Not All Those Who Wander. She has such a great combination of advice and story.

2. Nothing To Read Here which is full of well-written, insightful posts that really delve into the writer’s world.

3. Just Another Working Writer is a blog that I keep turning to for advice on writing/freelancing. There’s always something to learn by poking around through these pages.

4. Corey m.p. is another great place to go for tidbits of advice or just to read another writer’s thoughts!

5. Swurner – a great writer! I follow her blog because I feel like I can relate, and that’s always a nice thing!

Well, that was fun! Thank you again to Jackie, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening.


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