.me – My own domain

Squatter Pigeon (Geophaps scripta) Cement Mill...

Squatter Pigeon

So, a few of you may have noticed that I have gotten myself an upgrade! I am now ‘nicolecloutier.me’ instead of ‘nicolecloutier. wordpress.org’. Woot!

Now, I was a bit worried that ‘.me’ might not be as, let’s say professional, as the more well known ‘.com’. However, there appears to be a squatter on ‘nicolecloutier.com’. And while Godaddy has very kindly offered to attempt and buy this name back for me, I decided to just pay the extra couple of bucks a year to have ‘.me’ instead. Especially since GoDaddy’s fee for this kind of service is a starter $70, plus a commission if the squatter does agree to sell it! So that means $70 just to ask, with no guarantee of a deal.

I like to imagine the squatter on my name as a greasy, pot-bellied man that sits behind his computer all day just waiting for me to crumble and beg him to give me back my space. And then I like to imagine that greasy man seeing that I have not given in to his little game and he gets so frustrated that he picks up his laptop and tosses it against the wall, breaking into thousands of shiny plastic shards.

I know that this image is probably far from the case. But, it makes me feel better all the same.

I did go back and forth over it, wondering if the ‘.me’ would be too confusing or hard for people to remember, but I’ve gone for it, and I kind of like it. It’s new, slightly futuristic. Okay not really, but I like to think it is.

As for domain squatters, check out this article to learn more: Every good domain is taken. Here’s why.

Anyway, there’s my spiel! Welcome to the future! (and thanks for stopping by. ^^)



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