iPad for Writing?

Oragami SleeveHappy Holidays everyone! I received my very first iPad this Christmas. It was actually not something that was on my mind to get for myself, but now that I have it, I love it! I’ve been using it constantly.. watching netflix, checking my e-mail, tweeting. But now I’m thinking… can I use the iPad to write?? There’s all these apps that seem pretty cool. (In theory, I haven’t tried them out yet.) But Storyist looks interesting. As does Index Card

The on-screen keyboard is actually not so bad for typing short e-mails, etc. But I think for serious writing, I would want an external one. The picture on the left is of an origami case for the macbook wireless keyboard, which folds in order to double as a stand! Click on the image to view the product site and a 360 degree view. I think it seriously looks awesome, but if I went that way I would also have to purchase the keyboard itself as well as a sleeve or some other form of protection for my ipad.

PhotobucketI could also go the way of the keyboard/case, like the Belkin pictured to the side. I wouldn’t always want the keyboard attached to the ipad, but with this it looks like I could easily slide the ipad in and slide it back out again. The keyboard looks nice, but perhaps not as snazzy as the origami/mac-keyboard combo.

And, of course, those two aren’t even the only options! Anyway, I guess I’m looking for opinions here. Does anyone happen to have either of these two combos? Or even another completely different option? Even if you have neither, which do you think looks best?

Thanks in advance for your input!


3 thoughts on “iPad for Writing?

  1. I got myself an iPad for christmas (received in October because I have patience issues), and I’ve found that, while it’s the centre of my writing universe, it isn’t what I write draft on. I do my story notes (in the built in notes program) on it, my outlines (OmniOutliner) definitely, as that was the original plan, but I do my drafts on an asus netbook. My plan is for rereading and mark-ups to take place on the iPad, but we’ll see how that works out.

    Now, there are three reasons I use the netbook. One is that I want to be able to reference my outline while I write without having to break momentum by switching apps. The second is battery life. My current usage puts me charging my iPad every two days as it is. I think that if I add any more duties to the poor thing’s plate, it’s going to die on me daily. And the third (somewhat important) reason is that I already owned the netbook before I got the iPad.

    Anyway, that’s my set up, which I’m delighted to say is working very well so far. As in just about everything writing, I find that your mileage may vary.

    As for which of the two options you’ve presented I would suggest, the belkin seems like it would be easier to carry around, as it would go as a single piece. I’m sure you’ve already read reviews and any commentary you’ve been able to find about usability.

    • Julie, thanks so much for your response! I actually hadn’t thought about the battery life… definitely something to consider. I actually have an asus as well, but it’s getting old. Usually I write on my 15″ macbook, but that’s obviously not as portable. Of course portability is not always necessary as I do most of my writing at home…. Perhaps I’m stressing too much over this! haha.

      I will definitely check out the OmniOutliner though. It would be nice to have an outlining app. I am having fun discovering this whole new world of the iPad though. It’s so vast!

      • That’s one of the reasons I love it, because it’s as flexible as I need it to be. Makes it a good tool. It’s the same reason I like OmniOutliner. If you have any questions about how I use OO on my iPad (or computer, since I also have it for my iMac), email me.

        I do most of my writing at home too, but I don’t tend to do it at my desk, which is why the netbook and iPad work well for me. My day job has me at a computer desk all day long, so I find myself to sitting at another one for a further 5-6 hours every night after work, plus a lot of the weekend. :p

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