Still no internet!

This is going to have to be a very short post since the library closes in 15 minutes, and we still have no internet at home! The benefits of living on a country road.. Charter doesn’t think you’re important enough to rush service too apparently.

We’ve been out since the “Snowtober” that happened in CT around two weeks ago. We were very patient, as we knew that a lot of people in the state were out due to the heavy snowstorm. But when we called Charter to report our lines lying down across the street, they sent a house guy! Not equipped to handle the severe wire damage. So we called again… they said they put us on the “urgent” list.. which I’m thinking they just say to appease everybody. After another 48 hours, and still no sign of the road crew, we called again only to finally be told that we aren’t scheduled for maintenance until the 25th! That’s another two weeks.

Good for my writing, bad for my MFA applications!

Anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll get it back sooner or not, but until then I’ll be frequenting Starbucks and the library.

Sorry this post turned out to be just a rant. Nothing useful at all. Shame on me.

See you all soon! (hopefully)


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