Equality In a Time of Power Outages

cup of coffeeI’m at Starbucks again. We arrived at six this morning in order to secure a table. It seems that we won’t be getting power back in our area until Sunday. Internet might be longer. But there’s something strange about the way people are acting. People who usually sit at the outside chairs of their tables so that no one else can sneak in, are now sharing their space willingly, laughing and chatting with strangers.

I suppose that normally, all these people would be sitting at home with their computers, but now they have to be here, surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing. And what I’ve gathered from all this is that people enjoy sharing small hardships. Not that something like losing power is too much of a hardship, but still, people like to share the moment. Talking about just how many power lines are down near their home, how long it will take for the clean up crews to arrive. We’re all going through the same thing. It makes us momentarily equal.

It’s actually nice to see. And while I am looking forward to going back to my normal schedule and not having to wake up early to come to Starbucks when it opens, I too am enjoying the community.


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